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Kitchen Handle Side Mount: Woodmere Model Adapter 118297

This article explains the steps of assembling a handle mechanism 118297 in a Woodmere faucet model S728 or S628



woodmere sidemount breakdown.png


  1. Carefully pry off the handle cap (#1) and the temperature indicator (#2). Note: If your faucet is in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, the handle cap (#1) unthreads.
  2. Use a 7/64" Hex wrench to unthread the Hex screw (#3) and lift the handle off (#4).
  3. Unthread the handle dome (#5) and remove the wavy washer (#8).
  4. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the Phillips screw (#6).
  5. The metal adapter and black plastic connector (#7) will lift off together (unless one of them is broken) followed by the plastic handle stop (#9).
  6. Remove the pivot stop (#10) and metal "D" washer (#11) off of the faucet.

To replace the cartridge, see article 1225 Cartridge: Kitchen Faucet.

If you are replacing the 118297, you will need to connect the adapter and connector (#7) together first:

Snap the black plastic connector over the horizontal bar at the bottom of the metal adapter. Make sure that the smaller hole (A) on the black plastic connector faces up and the larger hole (B) faces down. 

adapter connector.png


Tip: This sidemount handle mechanism contains several components. The key to assembly is to   hold the parts in place while you are building the mechanism. This may be easier with more than one person.

1. Slide the metal "D" washer (#11) onto the stem of the cartridge (#12). 

2. Slide the pivot stop (#10) flush against the faucet with the raised edge to the front of the faucet, see image. Place the adapter and connector (#7) into the plastic handle stop (#9) ensuring that the tab on the metal adapter (#7) fits into the slot in the handle stop (#9), see image.

handle stops.png

3. Place the metal adapter and black plastic connector (#7) over the end of the cartridge stem (#12) so the tall side of the metal adapter (#7) sits at the front of the faucet.

4. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the Phillips screw (#6).

5. Slide on the wavy washer (#8) into the handle dome (#5) and then thread the handle dome (#5) on.

6. Place the handle (#4) onto the faucet facing the front of the faucet. Use a 7/64" Hex wrench to install the Hex screw (#3).

7. Place the temperature indicator (#2) onto the handle (#4) and snap the handle cap (#1) on. Note: If your faucet is in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, the handle cap (#1) threads on.

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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