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Monticello Lever Handle Adapter 100563 or 97371

This article explains the process of removing and replacing the interior plastic handle adapters in a Monticello lever handle using kit 100563 or 97371.



Recommended Tools: Pliers

If the handle hub is still attached the faucet, you will need to remove it by rotating it counter-clockwise. remove handle hub.png


For re-assembly or replacing parts, follow the number of the parts in order starting with the Phillips screw (#1). There are two versions of the handles and handle parts. Compare the following images with the version you are working with.

We recommend rebuilding the handle on top of a Phillips screwdriver for ease of installation.


screwdriver adapter.png

Prior To 2002

See "FAQ's" for additional information.

widespread monti adapter prior to 2000.png

After 2002

See "FAQ's" for additional information.

widespread monti adapter after 2002.png


Q: I followed the steps in re-assembly and I can't tighten the screw.

A: The handle elbow (the last part of the handle assembly) and the handle adapter (#3) interlock. When attaching the handle elbow, the internal splines on the handle elbow have to match up with the external splines on the handle adapter (#3).


widespread monti adapter gap.png

Q: I cannot locate the Phillips screw for the assembly.

A: The Phillips screw will be located upside down in the faucet. Use needle-nose pliers to retrieve.


remove screw.png

Q: How do I put my handle back on to the faucet?


attach handle.png

  1. The handles must be assembled in in the off position. To accomplish this, rotate the stem extension (#3) all the way clockwise for the hot side, or counter-clockwise for the cold side.
  2. Place the handle assembly on top of the faucet in the off position.
  3. While holding the lever (#1) stationary, thread the base of the handle hub (#2) clockwise to install the complete handle.

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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