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One Handle Deck Mount Tub Filler: Low Flow

This article explores different types of flow issues that may occur with a One Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub faucet. The type or description of reduced flow will help determine the proper repair. 

Remember, before beginning any repair to a plumbing fixture always shut the water supply off. For additional information on closing off the water supply to this shower system visit, How To Turn Off The Water Supply To The Faucet.


Describe the type of reduction in flow  Things to consider: Solution: 
A sudden reduction in overall water flow. 

Are you experiencing a "shared flow" of water coming out of the hand shower and the spout at the same time? 

Is the Lever handle loose? 
  • Tighten the set screw using a 3/32" hex wrench.
If none of the above have resolved the issue replace the diverter cartridge 161772
A sudden reduction of a specific water temperature from the faucet (Example: low flow hot water or low flow cold water)   

"Are my parts under warranty"  Moen has a faucet warranty and a parts warranty. To view the full warranty, see

"Can I purchase my parts at my local home center?"  No, however, parts are available to purchase directly through or by calling 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

For additional information on One Handle Tub Fillers, visit One Handle Tub Fillers: Wall or Deck Mounts.

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