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Stainless Steel Sink: Removing Smears and Fingerprints

This guide will explain how to clean your Moen stainless steel sink.

Cleaning Instructions

Recommended Cleaner

Window or glass cleaner.

Method of Application

Rub with cloth. Satisfactory for all finish types.


DO NOT USE: Steel wool pads to clean your sink. This can cause rust or pitting of the sink surface.

AVOID: Avoid leaving rubber mats, wet sponges, cloths and cleaning pads to sit in the sink. Food particles and deposits can cause discoloration. Avoid leaving liquid soap to dry on the sink surface. Many detergents contain chemicals that can dull the finish, cause pitting or staining. Avoid using bleach in your sink. Bleach, even diluted, can cause corrosion if left in your sink for extended periods of time. If bleach comes in contact with your sink, rinse thoroughly.

NOTE: Water quality can also affect the appearance of your sink. Where hard water or water with high iron content is present, a brown stain, looking like rust, may appear. In areas with water of a high concentration of minerals or over softened water, a white film may appear on the sink. If either condition exists, we recommend drying the sink with a soft towel after each use.

For a comprehensive guide, visit and select the type of sink you have. The sink guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.

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