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System Maintenance: Sanitizing your system-F9930

 Sanitization of the system is recommended whenever the RO membrane ( Filter cartridge #3 F9930) is replaced.



1. Shut off cold water supply connected to RO system.


2. Turn on filtered water, allowing up to 10 minutes for tank to fully empty.


3.   Loosen Tank Elbow nut and remove White Tube (L) from Tank Elbow (0).

4.   Add 3ml of hydrogen peroxide (preferred) or household bleach into the open end of the White Tube (L), using the provided Eye Dropper (S). If bleach is used, handle bleach according to manufacturer's instructions.


5.    Reconnect White Tube (L) to Tank Elbow (G) and re-tighten tank nut. Ensure that compression fitting sleeves remain within nut or on the white tubing when it is reconnected to elbow.

6.    Turn off filtered water and turn on cold water supply.

7.    Following purging instructions, fully draining the tank twice to ensure that no chemicals remain. The third filled tank can be used for drinking.

  • Purging Instructions: Turn on filtered water, allowing up to 10 minutes for tank to fully empty.

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