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What are temperature definition and how can I set them?
Temperature definitions refer to when you specify cold, warm, or hot, they will automatically dispense at the degrees you set. If you set your definition of “hot” to 110F, then you ask your voice assistant to dispense “hot water,” then you will get water at 110F. To set these, go to your settings, tap user, and define your temperatures.
How do I delete a device?
To delete a device, use the bottom menu Devices icon to bring up the list of devices. Swipe your finger to the left to remove the device from the app. If you wish to re-add this device, you will need to go through the entire set up process again.
How do I change my device’s name?
From the Devices screen, select device you want to edit. In the top right corner there is a pencil icon. Click on this icon to change the name.








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