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What is the difference between a Posi-Temp tub and shower valve and a Moentrol shower valve?

While the valves do have several similarities:

  • A pressure-balanced system that maintains water temperature within ±3°F (1°C)
  • Built-in temperature limit stops which allow you to control how far the handle rotates, therefore, controlling the range of water temperature
  • Best water flow for any comparatively priced valve
  • Available in a variety of connections from common ½" CC/sweat, ½" IPS-threaded; ½" PEX or CPVC
  • Meets pressure-balancing safety codes

There are a few differences to consider before making a decision.

Feature Moentrol PosiTemp
Handle Operation – How the faucet is turned-on and off. Pull / Push Rotation
Temperature Memory – When shutting-off the faucet, the handle stays in the exact temperature position you set during use. The next time you turn-on the faucet, within a few seconds, the water temperature reaches your last temperature setting. Yes No
Volume Control – Controls the water flow rate so you get the amount of water you want at the temperature you want. Yes No

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