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How does the installation differ from a standard mechanical faucet?

Verify your faucet by identifying the control box under your sink


There are a few additional steps. You will need to mount the control box and battery pack under the sink. You won't need any additional tools outside of those required for a standard faucet installation. The project will only take slightly longer than a standard kitchen faucet installation. A crescent wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver and Moen installation tool (SKU # 118305, included) are needed. There are also four extra hose connections, but they are simple push-fit connections.


With only a few differences, Installation of a MotionSense faucet is very similar to a standard faucet. The main difference is that a control box is attached under the sink. That control box is intended to be mounted to the bottom of the faucet body or a cabinet wall if there is not enough clearance. The optional Wall Mount Service Kit #177566 would be required for mounting to the cabinet. Other differences include mounting a battery holder and a cable connecting the faucet to the control box.