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I have a 2 handle kitchen faucet and need to replace the O-rings. What are the steps to do this?

Changing the O-rings for most Moen 2 handle kitchen faucets can be done without doing anything below the sink except turning off the water at the supply line valves.

Identifying the specific model number of your faucet and viewing the parts breakdown is suggested (go to Browse Products to assist in locating your model).

If the spout rotates and extends towards the sink at a low angle, a cap on the top of the spout unscrews (counterclockwise). A rubber jar gripper or a strap wrench makes this part of the job easier. Once the cap has been removed, rotate the spout while pulling upward.

If your faucet has a spout that is a high fill, cathedral or high arc spout there will be a collar that unscrews counterclockwise. When the collar has been loosened, pull up on the spout and remove it from the faucet. Many spouts will also feature a split white nylon washer to help secure the spout to the faucet.

Follow the same procedure for cleaning, replacing and lubricating as detailed above.

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