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I just replaced the cartridge in my Moen kitchen faucet and the handle will not stay in the open position. How do i fix this?

During manufacturing, lubrication (silicone) is used on the cartridge. The combination of lubrication and the weight of the handle can cause the faucet to self-close. This can be corrected in several ways:

If your faucet has a 1225 cartridge, make sure all screws are tight.

If your faucet has a 1255 cartridge - replace the cartridge.

If your faucet has a 4000 cartridge - tighten the cartridge nut or replace the cartridge.

If the faucet has a handle connector:

  1. Change the handle connector.
  2. Check the old cartridge stem for a gray metal washer. This washer must be transferred to the stem of the new cartridge.