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Smart Faucet with Motion Control


  1. How does the Smart Faucet with Motion Control differ from the Smart Faucet?

a.  New, advanced touchless technology: users can control temperature and water flow with simple hand motions –all without ever having to touch the fixture. This patent-pending technology gives homeowners more control and personalization options, so they can engage their faucet in the way they prefer most.

  1. How many styles of Smart Faucet with Motion Control will be offered?

a.  Smart Faucet with Motion Control is available in two models without a handle, coming later in 2022, and four styles with a handle, spanning traditional, transitional, and modern aesthetics.

  1. How does one control the temperature with motion?


  1.  Besides motion, are there any other way of controlling the faucet?

a. Yes, there are four ways to control the handled version of the faucet: voice activation via a digital voice assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), smartphone app, the handle, and a motion sensor – now with enhanced gesture control functionality.

  1. How is the Smart Faucet with Motion Control powered?

a. It is battery powered for easy installation – no electrical work is required. Six D cell batteries are included. An AC adapter is also included for convenience.






Smart Faucet with Motion Control



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