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Type Of Tub Spout


Type Of Tub Spout

How To Identify My Type Of Tub Spout

This guide will explain how to identify a Moen tub spout. Moen manufactures a variety of types of tub spouts unique in function, material, length and how it is secured to the wall. You will need to gather the details below before ordering or purchasing a replacement tub spout.


Below are four steps to help pick the perfect tub spout design.

1. Diverter or Non-Diverter

A diverter tub spout will have a lift rod that you pull up and push down on to divert the water between the showerhead and tub spout.  A non-diverter tub spout will not have a lift rod (generally, used in a tub only or a three handle tub and shower configuration).

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2. Metallic or Non-Metallic

Metallic tub spouts are made of metal.  If you tap on the tub spout with a metal spoon, it will make a "clanking" noise.

Non-Metallic tub spouts are made out of non-metallic materials.  If you tap on the tub spout with a metal spoon, it will make a "thud" sound. 

3. Length

Moen manufactures tub spouts in different lengths to accommodate the reach needed for the tub.

4. Connection Type (How the tub spout is secured)

There will be a small hole in the bottom of the tub spout, if you see a screw, you have a CC (Slip Fit) tub spout. If there is no screw, you have an IPS (threaded) tub spout.

IPS (Threaded)-Threaded directly onto the pipe from the wall. 


No Hex screw


CC (Slip Fit)-Requires a 5/32" Hex wrench to secure the to the pipe


Hex screw


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