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How To Unjam A Disposal


Symptom: The disposal makes a humming sound with No turn table movement.

Tools Needed:

Tools Needed:

Note: The Unjamming Wrench, part number 1037, is not supplied with the disposal.

Unplug the disposal or if the disposal is hardwired, turn the power off at the electrical box.

Step One 

If your disposal has a removable splash guard, remove it now. Using a flashlight, check for any foreign object(s) lodged between the turntable and grind ring. 


Step Two

Verify that the power is off. Using tongs or needle nose pliers, remove the foreign object(s). Never place your hand in the disposal. Always use tongs or needle nose pliers to remove an object.

Step Three


Once the blockage has been eliminated, use a wooden spoon or unjamming wrench up against the Swivel Impeller and begin to push. The motion of forcibly pushing the Swivel Impeller should allow the entire Turntable to be rotated manually. Continue this rotation until you are able to rotate the Turntable clockwise or counter-clockwise a full revolution insuring it has released.


Sometimes attempting to run a jammed disposal will cause the reset button to trip. Before starting the disposal, push the reset button. This is found in the opening, towards the bottom of the disposal, opposite the side the power cord comes out.





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