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There are two basic types of Motionsense faucets, one with dual sensors and the other with a single side sensor. It is very important to identify which version you have because they are very different from one another. Some situations may require service kits, faucet parts are unique to the model number and year of installation. Please identify your product by comparing your sensor location(s) and style of control box (located in your sink cabinet).

Which Style Of MotionSense Do You Have?
Click on your  sensor style/ install year to view troubleshooting ,videos and installation assistance
motionsense gray box small version 2.png
motionsense gray box small version 2.png
motionsense wave small version 2.png
Solution Guides: Easy To Follow Step by Step Information
How To Disable And Enable Sensors. How Do I Remove The Push Fit Hoses From The Control Box. Why Is My Faucet Turning On Unintentionally. How To Replace The Electronic Box.
How To Reset My Motionsense Faucet To Factory Settings.  My Motionsense Sensors Are Not Working. How Do I Clean The Filters On My Faucet.