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How To Replace The Electronic Box


Dual Sensors 2012-2015

Tools needed

tools needed.png

Removing the Old Electronics Box

1. Unplug the black power cord and the data cable from the Control Box.





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2. Locate the electronics box on the Control Box. On the bottom of the Electronics Box you will find a Phillips screw. Remove this screw to release the Electronics Box.



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3. Gently pull the Electronics Box. A few inches from the Control Box. There are five wires still connected, so do not pull this too far.




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4. Find the two connectors on the back of the Electronics Box. Three wires are attached with one connector and two wires with the other connector. For each connector, gently depress the tab while sliding the connector away from the Electronics Box. This will free the Electronics Box from the main Control Box.

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Installing the New Electronics Box

1. Attach both connectors to the new Electronics Box by gently sliding them on until the lock into place.


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2. Carefully place the Electronics Box back into the Control Box. Start by placing the upper part in first and then rocking the bottom into place until the Electronics Box rests flay up against the Control Box. Make sure to put the tab on the Electronics Box into a slot on the Control Box. While holding this in place, install the Phillips screw into the bottom of the control box to secure the Electronics Box.

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3. Replace the data cable first and the power cable second. The red light on the Control Box should flash multiple times to show the faucet is ready.

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Dual Sensors and Single Side Sensor 2015-Present

Tools needed

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To proceed with this repair you must shut off the water source that supply this faucet.  For details see How To Shut Off The Water Supply  


Removing the Old Electronics Box

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1. Disconnect hot and cold hoses from supply valves.

ms removal water supply.png

2. Unplug the battery holder cable and data cable from the Control Box.

ms2 ebox plugs.png

4. Pull the control box from the mounting shank.  (If wall mounted, remove from wall mount bracket)





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5. Push in button on the Quick Connect and pull disconnect Pulldown hose while the button is still pushed in.

ms2 removal4.png

6. Carefully press tab with flathead screwdriver to swing open. 

ms2 ebox removal5.png

Use caution to prevent pulling wires connecting the Electronic box to the Control Box.

7. Press end of tab to release the wire connector.  Do this for both tabs.  Pull connectors away from base.

ms2 eboxremoval6.png

Set Control box aside.

Installing the New Electronics Box

1. Align the red mark on the tab with the red dot on the Electronics box.  Inset connectors from the new Control Box into the base of the Electronics box.  Push each connector until it snaps into the base.

ms2 install connectors.png

2.  Insert the top of the Electronics Box into the Control Box.  Swing closed until the tab locks in (Use caution to prevent pinching or damaging the wires) .

ms2 ebox into control box.png

3.  Insert the Pulldown hose into the Quick Connect on the bottom of the Control Box.  Push it in as far as possible until a "click" is heard.  Tug downward on the Pulldown Hose to test engagement.

ms2 pulldown hose install.png

4.  Insert the Data Cable to the data port on the bottom on the Control Box.  Ensure the cable is pushed all the way into the control box.  Insert the Battery Holder cable (or AC adaptor) to the Control Box power port.  Ensure the cable is pushed all the way to the Control Box.

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5. Attach the Control Box onto the hose guide nut until it snaps into place. (If wall mount, place back into wall mount bracket)



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6. Connect hot and cold hoses to supply valves. Turn on water supply.

supply lines on.png

7.  Perform a Waver Sensor, Ready Sensor and Handle Check.

  • Check to ensure wave sensor is working properly. Move hand over wave sensor to test that water will turn on. Move hand over wave sensor again to turn water off.
  • Check to ensure ready sensor is working properly. Place hand in front of ready sensor to test that water will run.
  • Check to ensure handle is working properly. Turn on water with handle to test that water will run. Turn handle off .

ms2 faucet check.png