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MS4-Moen Instructions for MotionSense Water Reset


Water keeps flowing through the wand even though the handle is in the closed position and the water can not be turned off by waving a hand over top wave senor.

Trouble Shooting Steps:

  1. Insure the batteries are new and installed correctly. Correct installation requires the positive and negative sides of the battery to be placed correctly. The negative side must be placed against the spring.

    The upper arrow points to the Positive side.

    The bottom arrow points to the Negative side.

    batteries pos neg.png
    Batteries will alternate top and bottom. batteries.png


  2.  Reset the Control Box

2a. Disconnect the black power cable and the data from the Control Box.

2b. Wait sixty seconds.
2c. Plug data cable into the Control Box.
2d. Plug power cable back into the Control Box. Make sure both cables are fully seated.
2e. Wait ten seconds for faucet to stop flowing water automatically.
2f. If the water is still flowing, repeat step 2. If you have performed step 2 twice and the water if still flowing, please move to step 3.

      Power                         Data         



3.If the water is still flowing after following steps above, turn the cold water supply off so only hot water is flowing through the wand. Allow to flow for five minutes.
5 minutes.png

                                          5 Minutes

 4. After five minutes, hold your hand on top of the wave sensor (top sensor) for seven seconds. This will deactivate the sensors.
7 sec.png

                                           7 Seconds 

 5. If the water is still flowing, turn off the hot water supply so water is no longer flowing. If the water is not flowing, turn the cold water supply back on.
hot supply.png

                                   Hot Supply


This should stop the water from flowing. Please remember to reactivate the sensors by holding your hand over the top for seven seconds.

faucet sensor.png

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