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MS7-Motionsense-Ensuring Cables Installed

Power and Data Cables: Addressing Intermittent Operation and Power Loss

1. Correct Installation of the Data Cable:

  • Remove the control box and use one of the two methods above. The method used will depend on how the Control Box was originally mounted.

ms7 cables installed image 1.1.png     or      ms7 cables installed image 1.2.png


  • The data cable plug goes into a two-stage socket. To insure this is fully inserted, push the plug until it feels like it is seated in the socket, then apply a little extra pressure until it locks into the socket and is fully seated.

ms7 cables installed image 1.3.png ms7 cables installed image 1.4.png

2. Correct Installation of the Power Cable:

  • The round power cable must be fully inserted into the socket. Push the cable until it can not be pushed any further.






  • Reinstall

ms7 cables installed image 2.3.png     or     ms7 cables installed image 2.4.png

You are all done!



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