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B10-Two Handle Monticello Handle Adapter

Handle Adapter.png screwdriver.png

Detached Handle (Broken)

Note: The adapter on your faucet may be a different color.

  1. Unscrew the handle hub that is on the faucet.
  2. Place the Philips screw (A) onto the screw driver with the screw threads pointing upwards. See Illustration #2
  3. Place the handle adapter (B) over the Phillips screw. The screw threads should exit the center hole of the adapter and be partially visible. See Illustration #3
  4. Place the wavy washer (C) onto the handle adapter. See Illustration #4
  5. Place the handle hub (D) over the top of the handle adapter. See Illustration #5


  1. Place the split black bearing washer (E) into the top of the handle hub (D) with the widest lip of the bearing washer (E) resting on top of the handle hub (D). See Illustration #6
  2. Place the handle skirt or elbow (F) onto the handle adapter (B). See Illustration #6

NOTE: The splines on the handle adapter must match with grooves in the handle elbow or skirt. Failure to align the parts will prevent you from properly assembling the handle.

  1. While holding the parts together with one hand, slowly twist the screwdriver to tighten the parts together.


Detached Handle (Adapter Not Broken)

  1. Unscrew the handle hub.
  2. Lift handle adapter.
  3. The screw has fallen into the splined plastic stem extension piece inside the valve.
  4. Remove the screw with needle-nose pliers.
  5. Place the screw onto the tip of the screwdriver and slide the handle adapter over the top of the screw.
  6. Place the handle hub over the screw and adapter.
  7. Tighten the elbow/skirt onto the handle adapter while making sure the splines align with the grooves in the handle elbow/skirt.
  8. Place the handle assembly back onto the valve with levers pointing in the "Off" position.
  9. Holding the lever in the "Off" position, tighten the handle hub with your other hand to complete the reassembly.

Detached handle not broken.png

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