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B14-1225 Cartridge Removal And Installation-Shower Lever And Knob


 Always turn water supply OFF before removing the existing faucet or disassembling the valve. Open faucet handle to relieve water pressure and ensure that complete water shut off has been accomplished.

Knob or Lever Disassembly

For KNOB Handle:

  1. Remove cap using flat instrument.
  2. Remove Phillips screw and washer.
  3. Remove knob. (go to step 1)

For LEVER Handle:

  1. Remove screw using 7/64” hex wrench.
  2. Remove Lever Handle.
  3. Remove Phillips screw.
  4. Remove Metal (1) or Black Plastic (2) Handle adapter (go to step 1)

STEP 1-8

  1. Pull stop tube off of valve body.
  2. Remove cartridge clip **(See Page 3)
  3. Place white or black twisting tool on old cartridge.
  4. Using pliers, rotate twisting tool ¼ turn.
  5. Using pliers, pull on cartridge stem.
  6. Clean empty valve with nylon brush and water
**Important** After removing cartridge, we recommend cleaning the inside of the valve body (shown below) with a soft bristled nylon brush (e.g. old toothbrush), to remove any calcium build up. After cleaning, turn on water supply lines slightly to flush clean water through the open valve. We recommend placing a bowl or cup under the valve body to redirect any water splash into the tub or stall. This will help extend the life of the cartridge.

“What if I can’t reach my clip?”

  1. If Cartridge clip is recessed (as shown below)
  2. Remove Escutcheon plate screws.
  3. Remove Escutcheon plate and remove clip.

Reversing Hot and Cold for 1225 Cartridge

“My hot and cold are reversed...How do I fix this?”

If hot and cold are reversed, disassemble faucet until cartridge stem is reached. Using pliers, rotate cartridge stem (where the red arrow is pointing to) 180 degrees and then reassemble.

b14 reverse hot and cold.pngvs1 cartridge calibration image 1.png

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