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B15-Moentrol 1423 Balancing Spool Removal And Cleaning

Removal and Cleaning 


b15 balancing spool.png

Tools needed:

b15 screwdriver.png

Flat Screwdriver

b15 soft brush.png

Soft Brush

Removal of the Balancing Spool

 Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure. 

  1. When the valve body is exposed, there will be a large slot to the right or above the center. Unscrew this using a large flathead screwdriver.

3570 and 1423.png

Cleaning the Balancing Spool

  1. A soft brush can be used to clean the valve body. Be sure the chamber is clean and dry.
  2. Clean the outside balancing spool. Be sure all mineral buildup and debris are removed
  3. Inside of the balancing spool is a small cylinder that needs to be able to move freely. This can be accomplished by cleaning through the holes located around the outside. Gently tap the balancing spool on a concrete surface can dislodge the small cylinder. Once moving freely, you will hear a clicking sound when you shake the balancing spool.

You are all done!

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