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B8-1H Lav 1225 Knob

1 Handle Lavatory 1225 Knob Style: Removal and Installation
b8 1225 knob image 1.png
b8 1225 knob image 2.png
Removal of the Handle
1. b8 1225 knob image 1.1.png

2. Remove handle cap using flathead screwdriver. Then using a phillips screwdriver, remove the handle screw and knob.

b8 1225 knob image 2.1.png

b8 1225 knob image 2.2.png

3. Slide the stop tube and flat steel washer off of the facuet.

b8 1225 knob image 3.1.png

b8 1225 knob image 3.2.png

Removal of the Cartridge

4. Remove the cartridge clip using a flathead screwdriver.

b8 1225 knob image 4.1.png

5. Place the black or white plastic cap, included with replacement cartridge, over the top of the old cartridge and then rotate one-quarter of a turn in either direction. Then, remove the cap.

b8 1225 knob image 5.1.png

b8 1225 knob image 5.2.png

6. Pull up on the brass stem to remove cartridge.

b8 1225 knob image 6.1.pngb8 1225 knob image 6.2.png

Cleaning and Flushing of Valve body

7. Clean the inside of the valve body with a soft bristled nylon brush to remove any calcium buildup. After cleaning, place a bowl on the open valve to redirect water into the sink. Next, turn on water supply lines slightly for a few seconds to flush clean water through the open valve.

b8 1225 knob image 7.1.png

Installing the 1225 Cartridge

8. Slide the new cartridge into the brass valve body. Ensure the plastic ears on top of the cartridge are at the twelve and six o’clock positions.

b8 1225 knob image 8.1.png

9. Slide the copper clip back into the valve body on top of the cartridge. If you have trouble installing this, please refer to the special note at the end of this document.

b8 1225 knob image 9.1.png

b8 1225 knob image 9.2.png

10. You may now work in reverse from steps 3 through 1.
b8 1225 knob special note image 1.png


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