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K10-Spout O-Ring 96778

Removal and Installation


Tools Needed:

Flathead Screwdriver



Removal Of The O-Rings


  •  It is not necessary to remove cartridge clip and cartridge for this installation.
  • Most faucets will only use two O-rings.
  • Be sure to match each O-ring on the valve body with an O-ring from the parts kit based on size.
 One Handle
Small O-Ring
Large O-Ring
 Two Handle
Small O-Ring
Small O-Ring
87500A on Spout 
Use Two Small O-Rings
87500 orings.png
Large O-Ring

1. Caution: Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure.

  1. oring_groove.pngRemove each O-ring from their respective groove in the valve body. Be careful to not gouge this valve body.

  2. grease_oring.pngUsing the supplied pouch of grease, apply a thin layer of grease to each rubber O-ring.


  3. slide_oring.pngSlide each O-ring onto the valve body and into the correct groove.

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