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K12-4000 Cartridge-Removal and Installation

Removal of the 4000 Cartridge

 1. Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet.  With the supplies turned off, move your faucet handle to the "on" position to relieve pressure.

2. Rotate the faucet handle in either direction until it stops. Insert the Allen wrench into the hole on the handle to unscrew the set screw. This screw does not need to be fully removed. Lift the handle off of the faucet.

k12-4000 cartridge image 2.1.png

k12-4000 cartridge image 2.2.png

3. Using your hands, grab the collar. Rotate this counter-clockwise. Remove the collar from the faucet.

k12-4000 cartridge image 3.1.png

k12-4000 cartridge image 3.2.png

4. Using large pliers or Channel Locks, unscrew the retainer nut counter-clockwise. Place this away from the work area next to the collar.

k12-4000 cartridge image 4.1.png

k12-4000 cartridge image 4.2.png

5. Using pliers grab the white, square stem sticking up from the faucet and lift the cartridge out of the faucet. This cartridge should have a blue body and a white top.

k12-4000 cartridge image 5.1.png

k12-4000 cartridge image 5.2.png

Now you are ready to install the new cartridge!

Installing the Cartridge and Re-assembly

6. View the bottom of the cartridge to gain a good understanding of the location of the three holes and the small tabs protruding.

k12-4000 cartridge image 6.1.png

7. Look into the brass chamber to find the location of the three large holes and the smaller holes. These smaller holes will accept the small tabs protruding from the bottom of the cartridge.

k12-4000 cartridge image 7.1.png

8. Insert the cartridge into the brass chamber making sure to line up the three large holes. As mentioned previously the small tabs sticking out on the bottom of the cartridge will go into the small holes in the brass chamber.

k12-4000 cartridge image 8.1.png

9. Once the cartridge is in place, check that the cartridge is positioned correctly:

a. Grab the top of the cartridge and gently try to rotate the cartridge in either direction. If gentle pressure is not able to move the cartridge, then the small tabs have found the small holes in the chamber and the cartridge is installed correctly.

b. If gentle pressure is able to rotate the cartridge, then push down lightly and slowly rotate the cartridge a little in each direction until it settles in.

k12-4000 cartridge image 9.1.png

k12-4000 cartridge image 9.2.png

10. Reassemble the faucet by looking back at the “Removal” section and working in reverse from step 4 to step 1.

You are all done!


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