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Moen Solutions

K2.1-Collar Nut Handle Disassembly

7200 series, 7375, 7385 Handle Disassembly/Reassembly for Cartridge Replacement

 Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.44.30 PM.png


  1. Carefully pry off handle cover with flatbladed instrument. Remove handle screw, using Phillips srewdriver.
  2. Lift handle up and off. Unscrew and remove collar and pivot retainer being careful not to damage the finish.
  3. Unscrew and remove retainer nut, o-ring, bearing washer; an washer. Pry out cartridge clip with a flatbladed instrument.
  4. Using a Moen cartridge twisting tool (as furnished in the model 1225 cartridge pack, or a Moen cartridge puller) turn cartridge shell back and forth with pliers to loosen.
  5. Gripping the cartridge stem with pliers, pull cartridge up and out of faucet body.

If installing a 1225 Cartridge Click Here for instruction


  1. Be sure that cartridge ears are aligned with the slots in the valve body, front to back (see illustration on page 1) With cartridge stem UP, insert new cartridge assembly by pushing down on top of cartridge ears.
  2. Re-install the cartridge clip, washer, bearing washer, o-ring and the retainer nut. Tighten snugly by hand.
  3. Re-install pivot retainer with grooves facing the back of the faucet. Replace the collar, tighten snugly by hand. Replace the washer.
  4. With cartridge stem notch facing forward, hook handle lug (see illustration) into handle groove. Align handle connector with cartridge stem and gently press handle onto cartridge stem.
  5. Replace handle screw and press on handle cap.