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K20-Top Handle 1255 Cartridge And Spout O-Rings- Removal And Installation

 Tools Needed:

Large Pliers  Or  Installation Tool  or  Crescent Wrench

large pliers.png   install tool.png  creasant wrench.png

3/32" Allen Wrench


Flathead Screwdriver


Small Brush


 Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure. Acr12794456844736-2709118.pngAcr12794456844736-2513023.png


Identify the Handle and Remove

Image_011.jpgback of handle.png




plu button.pngImage_012.jpg

Locate the hole in either the front or back of the handle. If this hole is covered by a small plug, pry the plug off to remove. Next, use the 3/32” Allen wrench in the hole to unscrew the Allen screw. This screw does not need to be fully removed, only loosened until the handle will slide off.

Dome Removal


Grab the dome and pull upward to remove.

Next Move


Replacing only the spout O-rings:

Move to step 9

Replacing the 1255 cartridge:

Move to step 4.

Cartridge Nut Removal


tool option.png

Installation Tool Option

Tool Number: 118305


Using the grey assembly tool (supplied with the faucet), pliers or wrench, unscrew the 1255 cartridge nut counter-clockwise and remove.

1255 Removal

Acr127944568447362060943 copy.png

Lift the 1255 cartridge out of the faucet.


Acr12794456844736888058 copy.png Acr127944568447362729163.png

Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the chamber. Make sure no debris remains.

Cartridge Installation

Acr127944568447362629248 copy.pngAcr12794456844736-949953 copy.png

Highlighted in orange are small tabs on the cartridge and grooves in the faucet.  These must line up.
Acr127944568447362060943 copy.png
  1. View the 1255 cartridge to find the three small tabs protruding. Look into the chamber of the faucet to find the location of the three large grooves. The grooves will accept the small tabs protruding from the 1255 cartridge. These tabs and grooves are highlighted in orange above for demonstration, but will not be orange on your cartridge and faucet.

Cartridge Nut

Acr127944568447361961768 copy.png 

1255 wrench.png   OR   1255 install tool.png


Insert the 1255 cartridge into the chamber making sure to line up the three tabs with the grooves.

Using the grey assembly tool, pliers or a wrench, tighten the new 1255 cartridge nut until snug. Next turn approximately 90 degrees to fully secure the nut.

Next Move


To reassemble the handle:
Work backwards from steps 3 through 1.

To install spout O-rings:
Move to step 9.

Crown Removal

Acr12794456844736410883.png Acr127944568447362457588.png

Gently pry up on the black crown ring. Be careful not to damage the crown ring; this will be used again during reassembly.



Grab the spout and lift up to remove the item from the faucet body.

Locate O-Rings

Acr12794456844736-2059398 copy.png

In the photo above, the upper and lower O-rings are highlighted in orange. 

Spout O-Rings Removal

Acr12794456844736-25152103 copy.png Acr1279445684473624144108.png Acr12794456844736-5898113.png Acr12794456844736-1059118.png

Pry each O-ring out to remove. Be careful not to damage the valve body.

Spout O-Rings Installation

Acr12794456844736-10721123.png Acr127944568447369848128.png Acr1279445684473610850133.png

Using the supplied pouch of grease, apply a thin layer of grease to each rubber O-ring. Place a new rubber O-ring onto the black valve body and push down until fully seated in the lowest groove. Place the next O-ring onto the top groove in the valve body.

Spout Reinstallation

Acr127944568447366817138.png Acr12794456844736-18526143.png

Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the spout. Insure the inner surface is clean and smooth.

Slide the spout back on until it is flush with the base.

Crown Ring Reinstallation

Acr1279445684473630620148.png Acr12794456844736-4862153.png

Secure the crown ring into the top of the spout so the tabs of the tuck under the edge of the channel. The line highlighted in orange shows where the gap in the crown ring should be located.

To insure the crown ring is seated properly, gently pull upwards on the spout. If the crown ring is seated, the spout will not lift off.

Next Move


To reassemble the handle:
Work backwards from steps 3 through 1. 

Once the handle is assembled, you are all done!

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