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K22-1255 Threaded Dome Sidemount Handle

k22 threaded dome image 1.png
Tools Needed:

3/32" Allen Wrench


Large Pliers  Or  Channel Locks

large pliers.png  channel locks.png


Removal of the Handle

1.  Always turn you water supplies odd before disassembling your faucet.  With the supplies turned off, move you faucets handle to the "on" position to relieve pressure.


2. Insert the 3/32” Allen wrench into the hole in the handle on the side opposite the lever. Unscrew the Allen screw only until the handle will slide off. This screw does not need to be fully removed.

k22 threaded dome image 2.1.png

Special Notes for Removing the Allen Screw
Note 1:  In some cases, accessing the hole in the handle might require loosening the faucet under the sink and rotating the body of the faucet.

Note 2: Some models may have a small round plug/cap covering the handle hole which will need to be removed before using the 3/32" Allen wrench.




3. Unscrew the handle hub to remove.

k22 threaded dome image 3.1.png

4. If you need to install a new 1255 cartridge, please move to step 5. If you only need to install a new handle, reverse steps 3 through 1 to install the new handle.

Removal of the Cartridge

5. Using large pliers or Channel Locks, unscrew the cartridge nut counterclockwise and remove.

k22 threaded dome image 5.1.png

k22 threaded dome image 5.2.png

6. Grab the silver metal stem of the cartridge and slide this out of the faucet.

k22 threaded dome image 6.1.png k22 threaded dome image 6.2.png

Installation of the Cartridge

7. View the 1255 cartridge to find the small tabs protruding. Look into the metal chamber of the faucet to find the location of the three large grooves. These grooves will accept the small tabs protruding from the cartridge.

k22 threaded dome image 7.1.png

8. Insert the 1255 cartridge into the metal chamber making sure to line up the three tabs with the grooves.

k22 threaded dome image 8.1.png

9. Using the grey assembly tool (if available) or a wrench, tighten the cartridge nut until snug. Next turn an additional 90 degrees to fully secure the nut.

k22 threaded dome image 9.1.png install tool.png

Installation Tool 118305

k22 threaded dome image 9.3.png

10. Screw the handle hub back on to the faucet.

k22 threaded dome image 10.1.png

k22 threaded dome image 10.2.png

11. Slide the handle back on and tighten the Allen screw.

k22 threaded dome image 11.1.png

k22 threaded dome image 11.2.png

12. Turn the hot and cold water back on.

You are all done!


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