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K23-1255 Cartidge Diverter And O-Rings Removal And Installation




Tools Needed:

Large Pliers  or Installation Tool

large pliers.png  install tool.png

3/32 Allen Wrench


Flathead Screwdriver


Soft Brush


Removing The Handle

1.  Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure.

  1. Remove the plug button and then loosen the set screw with the 3/32” Allen wrench. Lift the handle off of the faucet and set aside.
    Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.51.51 AM.png

  2. Pull up on the collar to remove it from the faucet.
        Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.52.30 AM.png

    Next steps for replacement:

    1255.png1255 Cartridge :  Move to step 4

    oring.pngSpout O-Rings only:  Move to step 8

    diverter.pngDiverter only:  Move to step 13



Cartridge Replacement

Use the following instructions only if you need to replace the spout 1255 cartridge

  1. Using the grey assembly tool (if available), pliers or wrench, unscrew the cartridge nut counter-clockwise to remove and discard.  Grab the metal stem sticking up and lift the 1255 cartridge out of the faucet.
    1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation08.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation09.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation10.png
  2. Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the black chamber. Make sure no debris exists on the bottom of the chamber.
  3. Insert the 1255 cartridge into the black chamber making sure to line up the three ridges with the three interior grooves.

1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation12.1.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation12.2-1.png1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation12.3.png

         7. Using the grey assembly tool, pliers or a wrench, tighten the new 1255 cartridge nut until snug. Next turn an additional 90 degrees to fully secure the nut.


tool option.png

Installation Tool Option

Tool Number: 118305



Next steps for replacement:

  • 1255 cartridge: Reassemble in reverse from steps 3-1
  • Spout O-rings only: Move to step 8
  • Diverter only: Move to step 13

Spout O-Ring Replacement

Use the following instructions only if you need to replace the spout O-rings

  1. step 8.pngGently pry up on the black crown ring. Be careful not to damage the crown ring; this will be used again during reassembly. Once out of the groove, grab the crown ring and gently lift up to remove.
Note: The crown ring does have a split that allows this to be able to be installed. It is not broken.
1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation17.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation47.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation16.png
  1. Using your hands grab the spout and lift up to remove the spout from the faucet body.step 9.png
  2. Locate the two rubber O-rings. Remove each O-ring from their respective groove in the black valve body. Be careful to not gouge this valve body.



Note: Watch to see where the original O-rings fit. This will insure the new O-rings fit in the proper location.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 2.35.33 PM.png
1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation18.jpg 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation19.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation20.png


  1. Using the supplied packet of grease, apply a thin layer of grease to each rubber O-ring.

    1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation22.jpg  Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 2.37.20 PM.png

  2. Place a new rubber O-ring onto the black valve body and push down until fully seated in the lowest groove in the valve body. Once seated in the groove, make sure this O-ring is not twisted. Place the next O-ring onto the top groove in the valve body.

    upper lower oring.png

         Lower O-Ring                     Upper O-Ring

    upper lower oring real pic.png

    Top Arrow is pointing to Upper O-Ring

    Lower Arrow is pointing to Lower O-Ring

Next steps for replacement:

  • Reassembling and complete: Move to step 18
  • Diverter replacement: Move to step 13

Replacing the Diverter

  1. Locate the diverter on the black valve body. There is an H-shaped locking device covering the diverter hole. Pry this out to remove. **THIS CLIP WILL BE REINSTALLED. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY** Next, use a flathead screwdriver to grab the lip on the end of the plastic diverter and slide the it out of the hole.

    Acr11814714643231602303.png  Acr118147146432-27970308.png Acr118147146432-25650313.png Acr11814714643220935318.png Acr118147146432-17101323.png

  2. Use a soft brush to clean the black valve body.

  3. Use the chart below to properly flush the valve. Find the column that best matches the symptoms that prompted replacement of the diverter.

Caution: the following steps will cause water to flow from the valve to the surrounding area. Place a towel around the back of the faucet to help control water flow

Flushing the Valve

Low Flow
Hot Side

Turn on the hot water supply slightly and then back off after a few seconds. This will allow water to flush through the valve.

Low Flow
Cold Side

Turn on the cold water supply slightly and then back off after a few seconds. This will allow water to flush through the valve.

Low Flow
Both Sided
No Low Flow Issue

Turn on the hot and cold water supply slightly and then back off after a few seconds. This will allow water to flush. through the valve.

  1. Slide the new diverter in as far as possible in the black valve body as shown.

    Acr118147146432395328.png Acr118147146432-135338.png  valve2.png

  2. Place the diverter clip back in place. Insure the notches in the H-shaped lock wrap around the vertical ridge on the black valve body.

    valve.pngArrows point to the Notches around the ridge notches 2.png Acr11814714643214846358.png

Reassembling the Faucet

  1. Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the spout. Insure the inner surface is clean and smooth before moving to the next step.

  2. Slide the spout on until it is flush with the base. Next secure the black crown ring into the top of the spout so the gap in the ring is around the tab on the black valve body. This is shown in the picture 19a and 19b. To insure the crown ring is seated properly, gently pull upwards on the spout. If the crown ring is seated, the spout will not lift off.
    1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation36.png   1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation35.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation45.png 1255_Cartidge_Diverter_and_O-Rings_Removal_and_Installation34.png




The crown-shaped ring's gap around the black valve body tab

crown position.png


Finish reassembling by working backward from steps 3 through

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