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K27-Pullout Faucet Handle Mechanism Instructions

Tools Needed:

7/64" Hex Wrench


Phillips Screwdriver


Adjustable Pliers


k27 key.png
1- Handle Cap/Plug Button
2- Handle Screw
3- Handle
4- Dome
5- Pivot Retainer
6- Cartridge Screw
7- Handle Adapter and Connector
8- Pivot Stop
9- Retainer Nut

Please note spouts and handles may appear different depending on the model and generation.

Removing The Handle:

1. Remove the plug button or cap by pulling or prying it off the handle

k27 image 1.1.png

2. Unscrew handle screw counterclockwise with 7/64” hex wrench to remove.

k27 image 1.2.png

3. Lift handle assembly off of faucet


k27 image 1.3.png

4. Remove dome by pulling upward


k27 image 1.4.png

Handle Mechanism Disassembly Instructions: 93980,100440, 100429

5. Holding the plastic retainer nut, unscrew the plastic pivot retainer counterclockwise.

k27 image 1.5.png

6. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the cartridge screw by turning counterclockwise.

k27 image 1.6.png

7. Lift handle adapter and connector assembly off of cartridge stem. They should come off together.

k27 image 1.7.png

8. Remove white or gray plastic pivot stop from plastic retainer nut.

k27 image 1.8.png

9. On the flat sides of the plastic retainer nut, unthread counter-clockwise using pliers.

k27 image 1.9.png

10. Lift off the pivot retainer nut. Some models have a wavy washer in the underside of the pivot retainer nut that can be removed for replacement.

k27 image 1.10.pngk27 image 1.10.2.png

To Reassemble, follow instructions in reverse order.
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