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K4-1224 Removal And Installation


Tools Needed:

3/32" Allen Wrench


For handles that are held on with a Hex screw

    Large Pliers  or  Channel Locks

      large pliers.png          channel locks.png

Used to remove cartridge nut

Phillips Screwdriver


Used to remove Phillips screw


Flathead Screwdriver



For handles that have  have a removable cap

Small Brush



Used to clean the inside of the valve body

Removal Of The 1224 Cartridge 

 Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure.

1. Identify and remove your handle:

Cap Style-Lever


Pry cap up and remove.

Unthread Phillips screw and remove.

Remove the handle.

Cap Style-Knob


Pry cap up and remove.

Unthread Phillips screw and remove.                                                                          Remove the handle.

Hex Screw-Lever


Insert a 3/32" Allen wrench into the hole to loosen the set screw (the screw does not need to be completely removed).

Remove the handle.

Hub Unthreads off-Lever


While holding the lever, unscrew the base of the handle hub counter-clockwise to remove the complete handle.


2 Remove cartridge nut:

Using large pliers or Channel Locks, unscrew the cartridge nut counter-clockwise to remove. Pay special attention not to damage the valve body.


 3. Remove the cartridge:

Using pliers or a channel lock, grab the white stem of the cartridge sticking up from the faucet to lift the cartridge out.


4. Valve Cleaning and Flushing:

Before installing the new cartridge , the valve body will need to be cleaned and flushed out. This step may require two people, one to monitor the flow of water coming through the valve body from on top of the sink and one to control the water with the shutoff's.

The following step will cause water to flow through the disassembled valve body to the surrounding area.

  • Place a bowl upside down on the open valve body to redirect any water splash into the sink.
  • Under the sink, slowly and carefully (only turn the water on slightly) turn the hot water shutoff on and back off to allow a slight flow of water to go through the system. Repeat the same process for the cold water. This will clear the water lines to prepare for when the new parts are installed.
  • Remove any excess water from the bottom of the valve body. If the water is not eliminated, the cartridge will not fit all the way back in.

Installation of the 1224 Cartridge


5. Installation of new cartridge:

Look into the brass chamber on the valve to find a notch in the brass. Then, find the white, plastic tab on the side of the cartridge. Insert the cartridge so the tab is fully seated in the notch in the valve.  Tighten cartridge nut back down on the threaded valve body clockwise.


6. Re-assemble the handle:

Re-assemble your faucet handle.  See Step 1