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K5-Bottle Opener Handle With A 1225 Cartridge

Removal and Installation

Tools Needed

Phillips Screwdriver


Large Pliers or Channel Locks

large pliers.png   channel locks.png


Removing The Handle

1. Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure.

  1. Use the chart below to remove your faucet’s handle.
Cup-Style cap Disk-Style Cap

2A. Grab the cap in the palm of your hand and pull upwards until the cap pops off.

2A. Pry the handle cap up and remove.

2B. Unscrew the Phillips screw and then lift to remove the handle

2B. Unscrew the Phillips screw and then lift to remove the handle.

To replace the cartridge, move to step 3.
To reinstall the handle, move to step 11.

Uninstalling The 1225 Cartridge

  1. Using pliers, unscrew and remove the retainer nut.
  2. Locate the U-shaped copper clip on the top of the faucet. Slide this out to remove.
  3. Using the twisting tool provided in the 1225 cartridge kit, rotate the cartridge ¼ of a turn in either direction.
  4. Grab the cartridge stem with pliers and pull the cartridge out. This might move easy at first, and then require more effort. Keep pulling until it pops out.
  5. Clean the inside of the valve body with a soft bristled nylon brush (e.g. old toothbrush), to remove any calcium buildup. After cleaning, place a bowl on the open valve to redirect water flow from the valve opening into the sink. Then, turn on the water supply lines slightly to flush clean water through the open valve. After turning the water off, use a paper towel to remove excess water from inside the valve.

Installing The 1225 Cartridge

  1. Slide the new cartridge into the brass valve body. Insure the plastic ears on top of the cartridge end up located at the twelve and six o’clock positions.
    Cartridge ears at the twelve and six o’clock positions

  2. Slide the copper clip back into the valve body. If you have trouble installing this, please refer to the special note at the end of this document.
  3. On the cartridge stem, locate the small notch at the end of the stem. This is on one of the flat sides. Rotate the cartridge stem so the small notch is facing forward.

Correct: Notch facing forward

Incorrect: Flat side forward

Reassembling The Handle

  1. Hand tighten the retainer nut. Then use pliers to tighten another 1/8th of a turn.
  2. The bottom end of the silver lever resembles a bottle opener. When the handle is mounted, it is important this flat edge is under the ridge on the retainer nut as shown in the photo to the right.

** NOTE: Some levers will have one open side. Installation will be the same.



Flat flat.png


​​​To best accomplish this, hold the handle body over the retainer nut and push the silver lever upwards to the on position. This will allow the bottom of the silver lever to stick out from the bottom of the handle body. You will then be able to wrap this under the ridge on the retainer nut and bring the handle forward.

Flat Edge

flat edge.png


Cross-Section View

This view shows the lever correctly installed at an angle with the back end wrapped under the ridge of the nut.


Reassemble by working in reverse from steps 2 through 1

Note For Installing Cartridge Clip

If the cartridge clip will not go all the way in, there are two possible causes for this.  Check the following and make any corrections:


The plastic tabs of the cartridge must be positioned perfectly at the twelve and six O'clock positions.


Solution:  If the tabs are not correctly aligned, use the plastic twisting tool to rotate the cartridge and perfectly align the tabs to the twelve and six O'clock positions.


The plastic tabs of the cartridge must be at the same level or lower than the brass valve body.


Solution: If the plastic tabs are above the brass, use the plastic twisting tool to push down an the cartridge.  This evenly distributes the pressure to the cartridge shell.



Using Twisting Tool to Correct






You are all done!

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