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K7.1-Handle Mechanism Disassembly Instructions

Handle Mechanism Removal Instructions: 93980, 100440 and 100429
If you prefer written instructions click here Pullout handle mechanism instruction

K7 1.png

1. Tools needed: 7/64" Hex wrench, Phillips screwdriver and adjustable pliers.

K7 2.png

2. Remove the button or cap by prying off.

K7 3.png

 3. Unscrew the Hex screw with a 7/64" Hex wrench.

K7 4.png

4. Remove the Hex screw.

K7 5.png

5. Lift the handle assembly off of the faucet.

K7 6.png

6. Remove the dome by pulling upward. (See "Helpful Hints" during re-assembly

k7 7.png

7. Unscrew the black plastic pivot retainer counterclockwise from the black plastic retainer. (See "Helpful Hints" during re-assembly)

k7 8.png

8. Remove the Phillips screw by turning counterclockwise.

k7 9.png

9. Lift the handle adapter and connector assembly off of the cartridge stem.  (See "Helpful Hints" during re-assembly)

k7 10.png

10. Remove the white or grey pivot stop from the black plastic retainer nut. (See "Helpful Hints" during re-assembly)

k7 11.png

11. Unscrew the black plastic retainer nut counterclockwise with a pair of pliers on the flats of the retainer nut.

k7 12.png

12. Lift off the black plastic retainer nut.

*Some models may not require steps 13 and 14

k7 13.png

13. Remove the upper bearing washer from the faucet. 

*Some models may not require steps 13 and 14

k7 14.png

14*. Remove  the metal wavy washer from the groove on the bottom of the black retainer nut.

clipboard_e2adc504ee810b13eff2bb8ad3a763263.pngFor 1225 cartridge replacement click here.
Handle Mechanism Re-assembly Instructions: 93980, 100440 and 100429

For re-assembly, follow steps 1-*14 in reverse order.  Please review the "Helpful Hints"below during re-assembly of the associated parts.

Helpful Hints 

k7 15.png

Install the white or grey pivot stop with the raised edge on top facing the front of the faucet. (See Step 10)

k7 16.png

Snap on the black handle connector to the horizontal bar at the bottom of the handle.

Click here for image

k7 17.png

Raise the handle adapter and tilt back to allow the pivot retainer to align straight with the retainer.

k7 18.png

Align the arc shaped notches in the dome with the tabs on the pivot retainer. (See Step 6)

Written Instruction-Pullout handle mechanism instruction


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