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K9.10 Spout O-Ring 96778 And Bearing Washer 115061

Removal and Installation

Spout_O-Rings.png Tools_needed.png

Removal Of The O-Rings 96778 and Bearing Washer 115061


  •  It is not necessary to remove cartridge clip and cartridge for this installation.
  • Be sure to match each O-ring on the valve body with an O-ring from the parts kit.
One-Handle Two-Handle 87500A On Spout
one-handle.png two-handle.png 87500a.png

1. Caution: Always turn your water supplies off before disassembling your faucet. With the supplies turned off, move your faucet’s handle to the “on” position to relieve pressure.

  1. oring_groove.pngRemove each O-ring from their respective groove in the valve body. Be careful to not gouge this valve body.

  2. grease_oring.pngUsing the supplied pouch of grease, apply a thin layer of grease to each rubber O-ring.


  3. slide_oring.pngSlide each O-ring onto the valve body and into the correct groove.





Installation of the Kitchen Split Bearing Washer 115061


Correct Installation

**NOTE: The gray bearing washer has a small gap. The spout will nearly bottom out at the base plate of the faucet. You will notice that just a small portion of the washer will be showing once the spout has been reinstalled over the valve body.

  1. K9Installation1.pngLoosen the faucet from underneath the sink by using a 5/8” socket wrenchor the installation toolon the mounting nut.
  2. Then, with one hand lift up the valve body.
  3. As the photo to the right shows you will want to place the bearing washer below the bottom O-ring into the groove and use both hands to squeeze the bearing washer into place.

    Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.08.18 PM.png

  4. K9Installation3.pngOnce the bearing washer is set into position retighten the faucet mounting nut with your 5/8” socket wrench or installation tool.


INCORRECT INSTALLATION: The gray bearing washer in this photo has a much larger gap than the correct installation shows.