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P1-Pullout Receptor O-Ring Lubrication

pull out spray.png Tools needed.png
*Prior to Disassembly of lever, remove hose that is attached to pullout spray wand by removing hose weight and disconnecting from valve.


  1. Using flathead screwdriver, remove (if applicable) Plug button on fron of lever
    dissassembly 1.png
  2. Using 3/32” Allen wrench, remove screw from hole in either front or back of lever
    dissassembly 2.png
  3. Lift lever Handle off of assembly
    dissassembly 3.png
  4. Grab onto decorative Dome and pull straight upwards
    dissassembly 4.png
  5. Carefully pry black crown Retainer by wedging flathead screwdriver under crown
    dissassembly 5.png
  6. Remove black crown bearing
    dissassembly 6.png
  7. Pull Spout Receptor upwards and off of valve body
    dissassembly 7.png
  8. Locate black rubber O-Ringat base of black valve body
    dissassembly 8.png
    1. If replacing service kit #168994 (For Models 67315, 7545, 87659, 87010, 87316 and 87550-only), follow steps A1-A2 below, then go to step 9 If replacing service kit #99915, follow step B1 below, then go to step 9
      If replacing service kit #168994, remove original O-Ring and discard
    2. Using Silicone grease provided, lubricate new O-ring and insert into groove at base
      silicone grease.png
    3. Using Silicone grease lubricate O-ring located at base of Black valve body
  9. Replace Spout Receptor by pushing down until it seats
    dissassembly 9.png
  10. Locate split opening in black crown Retainer
    dissassembly 10.png
  11.  **IMPORTANT** Install split in black crown retainer on tab on BACK of black valve body
    dissassembly 11.png
  12. Push black crown Retainer down until top of crown rests under valve body lip
    dissassembly 12.png
  13. Push decorative Dome down onto valve until it seats above Spout Receptor
    dissassembly 13.png
  14. Replace lever handle
    dissassembly 14.png
  15. Using 3/32” Allen wrench tighten handle screw
    dissassembly 15.png
  16. Replace Plug botton (if applicable)
    dissassembly 16.png
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