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P2-1921 Handle To Integra Handle Conversion


Acr140249004691224143552.png ToolsNeededNewHandle.png

Installing the New Handle

  1. Tighten the retainer nut onto the faucet. Locate the brass stem in the center of the faucet. This has a small notch on one side. Rotate the stem to insure this notch faces forward.

  2. Place the black pivot retainer on top of the nut. It is important that the pivot retainer is installed with the grooves facing the back of the faucet. Then put the collar on and tighten.

  3. Make sure the plastic U-shaped connector is correctly attached to the bar in the center of the connector plate. The larger hole should be facing down.

  4. Locate the tab on the bottom of the handle connector plate. Place this plate on top of the faucet and make sure the tab goes into the groove in the back of the black pivot retainer. Tighten the Phillips screw.

    1. Place the handle on the faucet and insert the Allen screw through the large hole on the ront of the handle. Tighten this screw with the Allen wrench. Insert the red and blue plug button into the holes on the front of the handle.

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