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My Two or Three Handle Shower Handle Are Not Rotating Correctly


Click here for how to operate your shower without a handle.

Moen faucets are designed with serviceability in mind. This guide will help with a simple adjustment like tightening a loose handle. If while servicing the product, you notice broken or corroded parts please click Identify My Product as interior parts vary by model number. 


 My handle are not rotating correctly.

3 handle on off operation.png

How to Correct:

Please make sure the shutoffs (angle stops) are in the closed position before replacing the cartridge.

  • Remove the handle(s), cartridge nut(s) (#3), and upper handle adapter(s) (#1).
  • Pull out the lower handle adapter(s) (#2), turn 180 degrees and replace on the stem of the cartridge (#4).
  • Replace the upper handle adapter(s) (#1) and cartridge nut(s) (#3).  (Start by hand/Do Not Cross Thread)
  • Then tighten the cartridge nut(s) (#3) with an adjustable wrench.
  • Temporarily install the handle(s) without screws.
  • Rotate Hot side clockwise and Cold side counterclockwise until they stop.


  • To adjust handle orientation; note handle position.
  • Remove handle(s), pull up on the upper handle adapter(s) (#1).
  • Replace the handle(s) without the screw(s) and turn to desired position.
  • Push in on the handle knob(s) to re-engage the upper (#1) and lower handle adapter(s) (#2).
  • Replace the handle screw(s) and other handle parts.



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