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Posi-Temp Valve-Single Handle Rotate Only Operation

Leaking Shower

Moen single handle showers are designed with serviceability in mind. Each product is built to allow easy access to the interior parts. A flow cartridge 1222(B) will remedy a leak or drip from a shower or tub shower. The cartridge is generally accessible from the front of the shower. 

  • If the leak you are experiencing can be described as water that drips or streams out of your shower head when you are trying to use the tub spout this is called stacking. To review the causes for stacking please visit Stacking Leaks.      
  • If the symptoms are appearing immediately after installation, and the water appears to be flowing full force, confirm the handle installation instructions were followed exactly. During installation the brass stem of the cartridge may have left in the open postilion, this would result in the water being full turned on when the supply lines are opened. 

To proceed with this repair you must shut off the water source that supplies this shower/tub shower. For details see How To Shut Off The Water Supply.

Issue: Leaking from my shower/tub shower
leaking shower positemp.png
1- Valve body
2- Cartridge Clip
3- Cartridge
Solution Sheet:

How to Install a 1222(B) cartridge.

Written Instructions

Video Instructions

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