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How do I install the Smart Water Level Sensor?

The Monitor comes with a 10 ft Smart Water Level Sensor. This allows the monitor to proactively read the water within the sump pump basin at all times. The placement of the water level sensor is very important for proper readings. Ensure the cone side of the sensor is facing directly down at the water surface in the basin. Avoid aiming the sensor at anything other than the water surface, including the pump in the basin, the walls of the basin, equipment in the basin, and the discharge tube. Also, ensure any weep holes within the sump pump basin are not directly pointing in the view of the smart water level sensor. The sensor should be positioned as low in the basin as possible but above the highest safe water level. The highest safe water level will be above any equipment and the reach of any float switch. Using the two included zip ties, loosely fasten the sensor to the vertical discharge tube. If a vertical discharge tube is not available mount it with 4 zip ties on a horizontal tube. Do not fasten the zip ties completely until you are sure the water level sensor is in the right spot. When prompted via the app on your smartphone, confirm the approximate distance between the bottom of the sensor and the water level.

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