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Backup Pump Test

Description of what the backup pump test is

  • The Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor can periodically check that your backup pump is working in the event of a power outage or primary pump failure.

Description of how the test works

  • During the test, the Moen Smart Pump Monitor will disable the primary pump and watch for a decrease in the water level in your sump basin. This will allow the Monitor to know that your backup pump is working correctly.
  • Select a "Backup Pump Test Frequency" from the "Backup Pump Information" screen (Under Settings). Selecting a frequency will enable the Moen Smart Water Pump Monitor to schedule the backup pump test.
  • The test will begin on it's scheduled date if the inflow of water into the sump basin is fast enough to fill up to the backup float within 10 minutes. This is to ensure the primary pump is disabled for the minimum amount of time possible. If this condition is not met, the test will be rescheduled according to your selected frequency. 
  • At this point, your primary pump will be disabled, and the water level in the sump basin will be approaching the backup float. If the Monitor sees a reduction in the sump basin's water level, it knows that the backup pump has cycled and informs you of a successful test. 
  • If the water level rises too high, or if a reduction in water level is not detected within 10 minutes, the primary sump pump is re-enabled to empty the basin. In this case, you will receive an alert that the backup pump test was unsuccessful. You should take steps to ensure that the backup pump is operational.


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