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Cannot connect Google Home to my Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor/Google Home is not working?

Be sure your prompts are “OK Google, ask Moen to.....” Please ensure your assistant is working properly. If your Google Assistant is not responding to any prompts, please try resetting your assistant or contacting the distributor you purchased the assistant from.

Are you having trouble linking/your assistant is not responding? When linking your Google Home for the first time, please make sure you are pairing the device with the same username and password as your Moen account that you use for this app. Make sure your email is typed in ALL LOWERCASE.

Are you having trouble with Google Voice Match or Personal Results? If your assistant is responding something along the lines of, “You need to turn on Personal Results,” go into your Google Home app and choose the speaker/home hub you are setting up with your Smart device, go to settings, and turn on Personal Results. To turn off voice match on your Google Assistant for the device linked to your Moen account, go into your Google Home app, click on the linked device, go to settings, and turn off Voice Match.



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