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Did your device get disconnected?

 If your power goes out, the backup battery will allow the monitor to work normally. Because most networks need power, your device may not be able to communicate to the Moen app or voice assistant. If your power goes out and you DO NOT have the backup battery installed, you will not be able to use your Moen smart device.

Please check your Wi-Fi router to ensure it is still functioning. You will need to reconnect the device to the network by tapping the “Reconnect” button on your Devices screen. This will send you through the original setting up steps you took when you initially set up your Moen smart device. You will need to reset the monitor. Hold down for a few seconds with a paperclip. You should hear one beep immediately and then another one a few seconds later.

If you hold down the reset button too long (the third set of beeping) then all of your history will be lost - only do this if you are selling the faucet/moving and leaving it behind.

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