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How do I replace my Smart Water Shutoff?


If you are replacing an Engineering Sample, Early Adopter, or have a Warranty Replacement, please follow these steps below:

1. Unlink your current Smart Water Shutoff from the app. Click the menu button on the top left and select the location where the device is installed.

2. Select the device you will be replacing.

3. Select "Device Settings" at the top right of the app.

4. Swipe to the bottom of "Device Settings" and select the "Unlink Device" button.



thin blue line.png

Once your old Smart Water Shutoff is unlinked you can plug it in and pair the new device. 

Replacing the Smart Water Shutoff

1. To remove the old Smart Water Shutoff from your plumbing system, verify that your main water supply is turned off.

2. Open a few faucets to relieve the water pressure or until water stops flowing from them. Leave the fixtures open until you install the new device.

3. Using a wrench, loosen the 2 union nuts that secure your device to your home's plumbing. Loosen by turning the hardware counter-clockwise. 


4. Simply remove the device once the union nuts are released.

5. Install the new device and make sure that the o-rings are properly in place before securing the connection to the plumbing line.

6. Verify that the orientation of the device is in the correct position - there are arrows marked on the device indicating the direction of the water flow to your home fixtures.

7. DO NOT over-tighten the black polymer nuts when re-installing. Hand-tighten and use a 1/4 turn with your wrench to secure the device.

8. Plug in the device making sure to firmly push the power cord into the device. Note: turn until the second ring is completely in the device.



Firmly push the power cord into the Flo Device.

Note: twist and turn until the second ring is completely in the device.

9. Once the status LED is green, open your main shut off valve slowly, allowing water to gradually run through your device and plumbing system.

10. While a fixture is open and running water, verify that the flow rate reading is being registered on your Flo app through the control panel.

11. You can now close the opened faucets from step 2.