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How do I change the Wi-Fi settings that my device is paired to?


If you've recently made changes to your Wi-Fi settings such as your Wi-Fi router's SSID or password, you will need to pair your device to the new Wi-Fi settings to restore the pairing of your device and home Wi-Fi network.

To change your Wi-Fi settings, go to the Device Settings on your Flo by Moen app and follow the steps after selecting Change Network Settings under your Device Settings. 

NOTE: If you would like to remove or un-pair your device from your homes WIFI network, you can select "Unlink Device" at the bottom of this screen. Unlinking your device will erase all data.

Step 1


From the Dashboard of the Flo by Moen app, select the device that you would like to update the network settings for.

Step 2


Select Device Settings

Step 3


Select Network Settings and follow the in app instructions for changing your WiFi Network.

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