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163714 Electronic Box (2012-2015)

This guide will walk you through the process of replacing the 163714 electronics box on your MotionSense:Dual Sensor-Hands Free Faucet. The 163714 is used on the version of this faucet built with the gray control box, installed between 2012-2015


Removing the Electronics Box

1. Unplug the black power cord and the data cable from the control box.                                                                                                                                                                    


3. On the bottom of the electronics box you will find a Phillips screw. Remove this screw to release the electronics box.                                                                                                 


4. Gently pull the electronics box a few inches from the control box.There are five wires still connected, so do not pull this too far.                                                


5. Find the two connectors on the back of the electronics box. Three wires are attached with one connector and two wires with the other connector. For each connector, gently depress the tab.Slide the connector away from the electronics box. This will free the electronics box from the main control box.


Installing the New Electronics Box

1. Attach both connectors to the new electronics box. Push each connector until it snaps into the base                                                                               


2. Push up gently on the electronics box to the control box. Use caution to prevent pinching or damaging the wires.


3. Assemble the screw to the electronics box.   




4. Insert the data cable to the data port on the bottom of the control box. Push to secure. Before connecting the battery pack or AC adaptor, insure that there are no objects within 3 feet of the faucet sensors.


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