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215998 Hose Kit Replacement

This article will provide detailed information on replacing the 215998 Widespread lavatory faucet hose service kit.

Prepare the Valve: 

 Recommended Tools: Channel Lock or Adjustable Pliers, Bucket 


  • Before any repair can begin you will need to empty your faucet system of water: From underneath the deck, turn off the hot and cold water supply shut-off valves.


  • From above the deck, turn both faucet levers to the open position allowing the water to drain out. Close the lever handles to the off position and proceed.


  • To catch any water in the lower lines place a bucket under the supply lines to collect any residual water located in the hose.
  • Use channel locks or adjustable pliers to remove the house's water supply line from the brass valve body. 


Key legend

1-Water Supply lines: Short flexible hose with two female threaded ends that are attached from the shut-off valve to the faucet valve body (Consumer supplied) 

2- Valve Body: (Hot or Cold)

3-Quick Connect Hose: Attachment at Hot and Cold Valve Bodies

4-Spout Shank

5-Quick Connect Hose: Attachment at Spout Shank


Hose Assembly and Disassembly:


The 215998 widespread hose kit has three hose connection points. 

  1. Begin at the quick connect (5) located on the spout shank (4). Press and hold the black button while pulling it straight down from the faucet.
  2. Remove both of the hose quick connect attachments (3) from the valve bodies (2), by pressing the black button while pulling it straight down from the faucet. 

new ws valve line art.png


  1. Attach Start by sliding the hose quick connect attachment (5) straight onto the spout shank (4). To test for a secure, gently tug downward on the quick connect.
  2. Notice the arrow on the hot side of the quick connect (3). Position it with the arrow pointing up, and slide the quick connect (3) straight up the brass valve body (2). To test for a secure fit, gently tug downward on the quick connect. Repeat on the cold side. 
Reattaching the Home's Water Supply to the Valve:


Thread the flexible water supply lines onto the valve body by rotating clockwise.


Turn both water supply shut-off valves back on and check for leaks.


 For additional information on Widespread valves, visit Two Handle 8" Wide Spread: Lever or  Two Handle 8" Wide Spread: Knob at

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