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Two Handle 8" Wide Spread: Lever

Two Handle 8" Wide Spread: Lever
A Two Handle 8" Wide Spread faucet will have a lever mounted on each side of the water spout. ​Moen produces a variety of Wide Spread rough-in valves. The handle assembly and interior handle mechanisms are not the same for each valve and they are not interchangeable. In order to service your Wide Spread faucet, we recommend that you identify your handle assembly and handle mechanism. This article will walk your through the process.

Step 1: Identify Handle Assembly 

Top Cap



Identifier: This style has a cap on top of the handle with a screw underneath. If there is no screw under the cap, see "Threaded Hub" .

To Remove the Handle Assembly

Tools Required: Phillips Screwdriver

Process: Remove the screw, lift off the handle and proceed to Step 2.

Threaded Hub



Identifier: This faucet style handle does not have a cap or a screw hole. It unthreads at the middle of the hub while holding the lever stationary.

To Remove the Handle Assembly

Tools Required: None

Process: Hold the lever stationary and unthread the large round middle section counterclockwise and proceed to Step 2.

Hex Screw



Identifier: This style faucet will have a small hole either on the side of the handle or the back of the handle. Some models have plug buttons covering the hole.

To Remove the Handle Assembly

Tools Required: 3/32" Hex Wrench

Process: Remove the screw, lift off the handle and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Identify Handle Mechanism

Once your handle assembly has been removed, compare the visible parts to the images below to identify your handle mechanism. This information will be beneficial for choosing from the recommended articles below. 


Handle Mechanism: White Adapter w/White Hex Nut-Service Kits: 90274

Cartridge Replacement: 1224

Handle Assembly: Top Cap


Handle Mechanism: Splined Stem Extension-Service Kits:  97479

Cartridge Replacement: 1224

Handle Assembly: Threaded Hub, Hex Screw


Handle Mechanism: Splined Stem Extension-Service Kits: 174290

Cartridge Replacement: 1234

Handle Assembly: Threaded Hub, Hex Screw

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