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Valve Body Cleaning and Flushing

Valve Cleaning and Flushing:


Before installing the new cartridge, the valve body will need to be cleaned and flushed out. This step may require two people, one to monitor the flow of water coming through the valve body from on top of the sink and one to control the water with the shutoff's.

Failure to flush mineral build up from the valve body can cause damage to the new cartridge.

The following step will cause water to flow through the disassembled valve body to the surrounding area.

  • Place a bowl upside down on the open valve body (for lavatory and kitchen) or under the valve body (for shower faucets) to redirect any water splash into the sink.
  • Under the sink, slowly and carefully (only turn the water on slightly) turn the hot water shutoff on and back off to allow a slight flow of water to go through the system. Repeat the same process for the cold water. This will clear the water lines to prepare for when the new parts are installed.
  • Remove any excess water from the bottom of the valve body. If the water is not eliminated, the cartridge will not fit all the way back in.

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