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Using the Controller

Starting Your Shower with the Power Button

Turning the shower on and off is controlled by the power button. You can also turn on the shower using the controller by simply pushing preset 1 or 2.


Pausing and Stopping Your Shower

To manually pause the shower, press each outlet button individually until all outlets are off. Pressing the power button will turn off the shower.


Selecting Water Temperature

The U by Moen Smart Shower valve will allow temperatures between 60 and 120 degrees. The default setting is 100 degrees.

1 Select a desired water temperature (hotter or colder) by pressing the hot or cold arrow keys on the button pad. Each button press equals one degree of temperature change.

2 The controller screen will change color from light blue to dark blue to purple to orange to red (based on target temperature) as the shower warms up to the desired temperature.

3 Once the shower reaches the desired temperature, the screen will switch to white and you will hear a tone from the controller and see an on-screen notification that your shower is ready.


Adjusting Outlet Flow

The controller allows you to select which outlets are in use based on the number of outlets available (two or four).

Turning Off Outlets:

  • To turn off an outlet, press the corresponding outlet button.
  • If all outlets are turned off by pressing the outlet buttons, the system will pause. When the shower is paused, the outlet icons on the screen (two or four depending on controller configuration) will flash, indicating you need to select which outlet you want on to restart the shower. Temperature and settings will be maintained until the shower is restarted by pressing any of the outlet buttons.
    Note: If the system is left in the paused state, it will automatically shut off after five minutes.


Turning on Outlets:

  • The shower is un-paused by pressing one of the outlet buttons; water will start flowing again at the previous water temperature setting.
  • If the shower is set up to be in Water Savings Mode, only one outlet can be turned on at a time. Pressing another outlet will toggle the outlets from one to the other.
  • The factory setting defaults to the top outlet (outlet A). Pressing another outlet button will turn on an additional outlet so that multiple outlets will be flowing (unless Water Savings Mode has been activated during initial setup).


Saving Controller Presets

You can program the two U by Moen Smart Shower controller preset buttons to each start a preferred shower experience, ready at the push of a button. Once you find the temperature you prefer and identify which outlets you want to have on, you can save those settings for future use.

1. To save a preset, simply press and hold the desired preset button (1 or 2) for a few seconds to maintain the current settings.

2. Once the settings are saved, you will hear a tone and see an on-screen notification. There will also be text in the bottom left of the screen indicating that these current shower settings reflect a preset. After a few seconds, the screen will transition back to the shower status screen.

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