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Using the App

Starting Your Shower Remotely

With the U by Moen Smart shower app, you can remotely start the shower from your smartphone. The smartphone and controller will always mimic each other. There are two primary ways to start the shower from your app:

With the On/Off button

  • With the U by Moen Smart Shower app open, simply push the power button within the app's “Shower” tab to turn the shower on at the factory at the factory default setting of the primary outlet at 100 degrees (same as pushing the power button on the controller). The controller and app will mirror each other.

From a preset within the app 

  • If you want to start the shower using a preset, simply press the preset button you want to use. The shower will turn on and configure to the settings saved within the selected preset.


Adjusting Temperature 

  • With the shower started, you can change the temperature through the smartphone app by pressing the hot (red) and cold (blue) arrow buttons to reach the desired temperature.
  • Each press of the temperature buttons equates to a one-degree change in the shower temperature.


Adjusting Outlets 

With the shower running, turning on and off the shower outlets can be done through the smartphone app by simply pressing the desired outlet icon button within the app.

  • If the outlet button is gray, pressing it will turn it on. If it is green, pressing it will turn it off.
  • If all outlets are turned off (gray), the shower is paused, but it can be restarted by pressing any outlet icon (either through the app or within the shower or controller).


Creating and Editing Presets 

The U by Moen Smart Shower app allows user to give each preset a name, which would correlate with an activity (e.g. workout) or a person (e.g. mom). You can also add a personalized greeting to appear on the controller. Based on the time of day, the controller greeting will read “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening.” Users can enter something that will follow this greeting such as a first name or nickname like “Sweetheart.”

1. From the smartphone app home screen, select the “Presets” tab. You will see the two default presets labeled “Preset 1 and Preset 2”) as well as an option to “Add a Preset.” The top two presets are linked to the 1 and 2 buttons on the controller.

2. You can also create a new preset (up to 10 additional) in this menu. To edit a preset, tap the desired preset you want to customize.

3. Now the “Preset Edit” screen will open. The first editable field is the “Title” of the preset. You can select any name you would like for this preset. A keyboard will open when they touch this field.

4. The next editable field is the name you would like to follow the greeting on the controller. When you tap on this field, a keyboard will appear at the bottom of the app for entering a desired greeting name.


Programming a Timer

You can choose to have a timer display on the U by Moen Smart Shower controller to help manage your time in the shower. Your timer will countdown from whatever time you choose as zero. With one minute remaining, you will hear a tone on the controller signaling your time is almost up.

1. First, tap the “Timer” row to open the “Timer Edit” screen.

2. Within the “Timer Edit” screen, turn on the timer by sliding the ball from left to right.

3. Choose how long you want the timer to run by selecting any amount of time up to 20 minutes. You can scroll through minutes and seconds individually to select the desired timer length.

4 . Next, select what happens to signal the timer has reached zero. The first option is an audible tone from the controller; this is the factory default. Sliding the ball from right to left will turn the tone off if you prefer no alarm.

5. The factory default is for the shower to continue running when the timer reaches zero. If you would like the shower to turn off when the timer reaches zero, slide the ball from left to right to activate this function.

6. Once all the timer settings are finalized, push the “Done” button to preserve these settings and move back to the “Preset Edit” screen.

Creating an Alert When Shower is Ready 

There are three notification signaling options to let you know when your shower is ready. All three options are independent of each other, so users can choose any combination to create their personalized U by Moen Smart Shower experience. To turn off any of the alerts, slide the ball from right to left.

u by moen 3.png

Sound Alert

Tone from the controller. The factory default is for this setting to stay on.


u by moen 2.png

Smartphone Notification

Receive a smartphone notification when your shower is ready.


u by moen 1.png

Pausing Shower

The shower pause when it reaches the desired temperature


Once you've personalized the preset, press the "Done" button to save your settings and move back to the "Preset Home" screen.

Modifying Preset Order

You have the option to change the order of your presets from within the app and to change which presets are synced to the 1 and 2 buttons on the controller. In addition to managing the order of existing presets, you can also create new presets from this menu and select which ones are app-only and which are synced with the controller.

1. First, make sure the shower is off. From the “Presets” tab of the smartphone app, you should click the “Edit” button. You will see three bars added to the right side of each preset.

2. Next, press and hold the three bars for whichever preset you want to move and drag the preset to its new desired location. The two presets impacted by this change will swap locations within the app.

3 .Once you’ve completed all the adjustments to the order of the presets, press the “Done” button. To create a new preset, you should go into the “Presets” tab of the smartphone app and click on the add “Add a Preset” bar within the “APP ONLY” section.


Starting Shower with App-Only Preset

To start the shower using one of the “APP ONLY” presets, swipe up from anywhere on the “Shower” tab screen to make the “APP ONLY” presets visible. From there, tap on any preset you would like to use to start the shower remotely.


Selecting a WiFi Network

Clicking on the current WiFi network will permit the selection of a different network if necessary.


Changing Language and Temperature Units

You can select a language from three options: English, French and Spanish. In addition, you can also select your time zone to display on the controller and set the displayed temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

1. During the initial install, a language was selected for the controller display. However, within the mobile app, the language can be modified by going to the “Settings” tab.

2. The next available option is to choose the proper time zone, which is needed to accurately display the date and time on the controller. Without a time zone selection, the controller will not display a date or time.

3. Finally, select the unit of measure for temperature.


Checking Water Savings Mode

Water Savings Mode Notification: There are two different screen settings depending on whether or not Water Savings Mode was enabled on the in-shower controller at the time of installation.

  • Enabled—if the setting is enabled, you can view an explanation and FAQs related to this setting.
  • Not enabled—if the setting is not enabled, you can view an explanation and FAQs related to this setting.



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