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90274 Handle Mechanism Two Handle or Three Handle Shower


This article explains the process of replacing the 90274 handle mechanism on a bathroom faucet. There are two terms used for this part, stem extension or handle adapter. This term used is based on which installation sheet you are referring to.


Step 1-Remove the handle.

 Two or Three Handle Shower- Cap Knob


Two or Three Handle Shower- Cap Lever



  1. Pull the handle cap (#1) out of the handle (#3) and unthread the Phillips screw (#2) using a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Remove the handle (#3) and slide the wall tube (#4) out.


Follow the steps in reverse order starting with #4.

 Step 2- Replace the stem extension.



Symbol Key Legend
clipboard_eb9e84c108273c1d1788822aea37b9b5a.png Unthreads
pulls off.png Pulls Out


Step 1. Unthread the brass hex cartridge nut (#1).

Step 2. Pull the stem extension (#2) out of the shower wall. See details.

  • Two Piece Stem Extension (#2)-This style is used in lever handles and will require needle-nose pliers to remove the lower portion of the stem extension.
  • Single Piece Stem Extension (#2)-This style is used in knob handles and does not require a tool for removal.


Reinstall the stem extension (#2).If you have a two piece extension, the lower stem extension will be installed before the upper stem extension. The upper stem extension has small teeth on the bottom that line up with the indents on the top of the lower stem extension. Rotate the stem extension to the "off" position (clockwise for hot, counter clockwise for cold) until it stops. Thread the cartridge nut (#1) back in. Reinstall the handle (see Step 1-Remove the handle above).


FAQ's Two Piece Stem Extension 

After installing the two piece extension my handle is not rotating correctly, see article : My Shower Handle is Not Rotating Correctly after Installing the 90274.

After installing the two piece extension the handle is not sitting in the original position, see article, My Shower Handle is Not Sitting in the Original Position After Installing the 90274.

For additional details on Two or Three Handle Showers, visit  Handle Assembly and 1224 Cartridge: Two or Three Handle Shower- Cap Knob or Handle Assembly and 1224 Cartridge: Two or Three Handle Shower- Cap Lever and select the type you are repairing. The faucet guide will contain specific information on handle assemblies associated with that style of product.

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