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Bathroom Faucet Drains: All Metal 10790

This article explains the steps to installing a bathroom faucet drain assembly that is all metal.


  • The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry around the drain opening in the sink.
  • Recommended Tools: Sealant, Thread Seal Tape, Adjustable Wrench

Key Legend

#1-Waste Plug 10709

#2-Waste Seat 1185

#3- Drain Body

#4-Drain Gasket, Washer, & Mounting Nut 106322

#5-Tail Piece

#6-Pivot Rod Seat 16015

#7-Metal Pivot Rod Nut (Included in 12689)

#8-Lift Rod 12694

#9- Lift Rod Strap (Included in 12694)

#10-Pivot Rod 12689

#11-Pivot Rod Clip  (Included in 12689)


1. Remove the clear protective film covering the Waste Seat (#2).

2. Apply a small amount of sealant, around the bottom of the Waste Seat (#2) and position it in the drain opening.

3. Wrap thread seal tape clockwise around the threads on the Tail Piece (#5) and thread the Tail Piece (#5) onto the Drain Body (#3).

4. Above the sink hold the Waste Seat (#2) in place, and thread the Drain Body (#3) to the Waste Seat (#2) ensuring the Pivot Rod opening faces the back of the sink.

5. Below the sink, push the Drain Gasket and Washer (#4) up to the drain opening and tighten the lower Mounting Nut (#4) by hand and finish with adjustable pliers. 

6. Wipe any access sealant, from around the Waste Seat (#2).

7.Remove the metal Pivot Rod Nut (#7) to ensure the white nylon Pivot Rod Seat (#6) is in place, tucked in the Pivot Rod opening with the cupped side facing out. Above the sink, slide the Waste Plug (#1) into the sink drain opening.

  • Vandal Resistant (Waste Plug cannot be removed) -insert the Pivot Rod (#10) through the opening at the bottom of the Waste Plug (#1).


  • Easy to clean (Waste Plug can be removed)-insert the Pivot Rod (#10) into the opening without the Waste Plug (#1) installed.

8. Slide the Metal Pivot Rod Nut (#7) onto the Pivot Rod (#10) and insert the Pivot Rod (#10) into the opening and tighten the Metal Pivot Rod Nut (#7).

9. Place the Pivot Rod Clip (#11) over the closest hole on the Lift Rod Strap (#9) and squeeze the Pivot Rod Clip (#11). See image below.


10. Loosen the screw on the Lift Rod Strap (#9) so the Lift Rod (#8) rests in the down position on the top of the faucet. Tighten the screw on the Lift Rod Strap (#9).

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